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All partners together, form a synergetic Environmental & Energy Technology Platform, in which knowledge, experience, and technology are united.

Internal and external experts insure the access and cooperation with universities, investors, and developers and form the basis for a successful   >> read further


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starting August first 2014

Sturgeon Production for Caviar

Sturgeon Production for harvesting caviar and sturgeon filets is the only way to have quality caviar at always the same quantity and price.

Our Partner Company has excellent references in several countries. This system is unique and very profitable for >>read further

100 MW Electrical Storage

we look for a long time investor

In Cooperation with industrial partners, we present the first 100 MW Electrical Storage and Production System in the world.

The world over, the race for reliable Electrical Storage capacities in the GW range  >> read further

new algae production system with patent for sale

In 2006 we started with the research & development of a system for breeding great amounts of algae.

Today we have it patent ready and are willing to sell the development including the patent ready material. For those interested >>read further

Brand New 2 in 1 High Yield Biogas System

Innovative New Technology - 2 in 1 High Load Biogas-System

The pioneering work of this two in one High Load biogas system is the technology inside the fermenter and its shape. The reference projects show that

  1. extremely accelerated fermentation time of 4 to 5 days compared to 30 to 40 days in all conventional biogas plants, and
  2. the decomposing rate of up to 90%, compared to up to 60% in most conventional biogas plants, are the main features of this biogas system.
  3. This allows for smaller plants (⅓) and lower investment (½). Other features of the two in one high load Biogas system include >>read further

Tornado Energy System Research Project

We look for Risk Investors

In the 70-ties of the previous century, Russian engineers designed the first Tornado for energy production in the field.

6 years ago, it got to our attention when we visited Novgorod, Russia, and we made a research project of this system, which is now at a point that without a pilot plant and try outs, we cannot improve the design. >> read further

We are intersted in land for solar projects and solar project rights

in USA and Canada

Currently we cannot get enough land in the US of A and Canada for constructing solar fields.

If you can offer us at least 10 acres of land, fit for solar projects, contact us  admin@bec-engineering.eu

Cargo Swifter is a registered trademark

Cargo Swifter is  a container transport system, designed to bring the containers directly from the ships in the harbours to far inland storage facilities.

Two differnt drive systems have been developed. >> read further


PCC System to clean Biogas to natural gas

This PCC system is designed from asystem that was and is used in the lime stone industry >> read further

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